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I've presented at a wide range of events over the last few years, and most of them are listed here. For publications, see my ORCID or Google Scholar pages.


At PyCon US I'll be speaking about how CPython can adopt property-based testing and fuzz those tests with Atheris and OSS-Fuzz at the Language Summit, then presenting a tutorial introducing property-based testing and a poster about my autoformatter, shed. Plus my usual involvement with the maintainers' sessions, sprints, and mentored sprints - it's a busy week even before the time difference!

For SciPy, I'll reprise that tutorial with an emphasis on scientific and numerical programs - and also present a shorter talk on property-based testing for scientists. (spoiler: it's really easy if you use the Ghostwriter!)

And more to come...


PyCon US went virtual this year, but was still a major event. At the Language Summit I proposed writing property-based tests for CPython (demo here), which was featured on, and gave a lightning talk on improving SyntaxError for novices. I also helped organise the mentored sprints, as well as mentoring new contributors on the day.

I was invited to the Moscow Python conference, and gave my talk online. At the SciPy conference I presented an online poster, and published a paper on testing scientific code.

At PyCon Australia, I told the audience to Stop Writing Tests! (video) - announcing both the Hypothesis Ghostwriter and HypoFuzz, a new tool for adaptive fuzzing. On the social day, I coordinated the development sprints and ran an all-day mentoring event.

I was delighted to reprise Stop Writing Tests! for PyCon India and Pyjamas Ireland.


I was rather busy at PyCon US, where among other things I presented a tutorial, talk, and poster (pdf) about 'escaping from auto-manual testing' with Hypothesis. I also attended the Language Summit, spoke at the maintainers summit, and led teams at both the sprints and mentored sprints. It was a fantastic - and very intense - nine days.

At EAGx Sydney, I posed 'some questions for 21st century machines' based on my work at the Autonomy, Agency, and Assurance Institute.

At PyCon Australia I presented one of the inaugural 'deep dive' talks, on Sufficiently Advanced Testing. I think this is my best technical talk to date, and wrote up a hyperlinked transcript for this site.

At SciPy US, I gave a talk and taught a workshop on advanced testing for scientists and developers of data science tools, which I later reprised in Spain for EuroSciPy (talk, tutorial). The material for my 2019 tutorial is open source and available here.


At the European Union's Future in the Making conference, I presented a poster about 3Ai's Collaboratoria - immersive experiences bringing togther researchers, scholars and practitioners.

At PyCon Asia-Pacific, I taught a workshop on property-based testing and other insecticides. At the inaugural PyLondinium, I gave a talk about property-based testing (video) ...and an updated version at PyCon Australia.


I presented my Honours research project at the annual conference of the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society. My talk won a student presentation prize, and my poster was also well received. My full Honours thesis can be read here.

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